OneBanc For Kids

OneBanc is dedicated to helping our young members learn more about how to manage money. Games for kids and tools for parents! We believe that good financial habits should start early.


First Step Savings Account

Get your little ones on the right track with a savings account for kids 18 and under.

Minor Savings accounts can be opened with just $25. Encourage youngsters to make regular deposits so they can watch their piggy banks grow.

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When kids play MoneyIsland, they enter a virtual world that not only makes learning fun, but also tracks and encourages their progress. As they go on quests to fantastic destinations like the Eiffel Tower and Atlantis, they learn real-life principles of financial responsibility.

Once they join, kids may receive a real passport with colorful stickers they can use to "stamp" their progress through the MoneyIsland world. The stickers and fill-in-the-blanks reinforce the images, characters, and lessons learned in the game.

Access Code: 9izpa8

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Meet PiggyBot™!

The only parent-designed, kid-tested allowance app that helps kids spend, share, and save smart. PiggyBot is a fun, easy way to track allowance spending and saving. No missed allowance, no forgetting IOUs, just money smarts turned fun!

Instead of cash, your kids have a virtual balance with you. Think of it as an IOU you can verify. Each child will have separate Spend-It, Share-It, and Save-It accounts. You decide how to allocate their allowance.

Kids can set goals, take pictures of things they want, share money, and more. When they save enough, we call them a "Goal Getter!" And there's a fun screen to show off the items they purchased, reinforcing principles of saving for wants, needs, and nice-to-haves.

This free app is just one way we give families the tools you need to talk about smart spending, smart sharing, and smart saving. It's a virtual piggy bank that pays off in real life! PiggyBot is brought to you by Kasasa® – free checking accounts that reward you. Not available at big banks. For good reason.

It's never too early for smart money management!

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