Onebanc Gift Cards

Onebanc now offers Visa Gift Cards and Re-loadable Cards!   You can purchase these cards at any of our branch locations or if you have a special bulk order please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with it.  Gift Cards are a great and secure way to give money to someone.  Our Gift Cards, Re-loadable Cards, and TravelMoney Cards are all $5.00 to purchase.  TravelMoney and Re-loadable have a $2.00 in branch reload fee.  Our Re-loadable cards allow you to keep using the card after the initial amount that is funded has been used.  Cards can be easily re-loaded at any of our branches or online here: 

Gift Cards | Re-Loadable Cards | TravelMoney Cards

    Gift Cards


    Gift Cards are a safe and secure way to give someone the gift of money.  Cash can be lost or stolen, but Gift Cards are a solution to that problem.  Not sure what to give or don't have time to shop?  Simply come into a branch and purchase one in no time at all and you're ready to go!  

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    Re-Loadable Cards

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    Re-Loadable Cards are just like Gift Cards only they can be re-loaded once all of the funds are used.  A great solution if maybe you don't want a bank account, but need to use a card to make purchases.  They can be re-loaded at the branch, or conveniently online by you!

    Other fees may apply

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    TravelMoney Cards

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    TravelMoney Cards are the new solution to Traveler's Checks!  It is highly recommended you do not travel with your actual debit or credit cards for security reasons.  But load your money on a TravelMoney Card and keep it safe and your personal information secure.  TravelMoney Cards are re-loadable as well!  So you won't run out of money and be stranded while abroad.  

    Other fees may apply

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