Business Cash Management

Onebanc offers our business customers an efficient online cash management platform that helps reduce operating costs and saves you time.

Our complete suite of products helps you expedite tasks like ACH payments and debits, employee payroll, automated recurring payments, and more. Ask us about these important services.

  • Save money and reduce accounting errors
  • Free up valuable employee time
  • Initiate ACH payments and debits
  • Deposit payroll automatically to employees' accounts
  • Set up automatic bill payment
  • Make wire transfers
Online Fraud Tips

Below are a few security tips to help protect your Company from Online fraud.

· It is highly suggested that the Company's Primary user have a separate login for conducting Cash Management transactions and for administrating the Cash Management program. If the Company Administrators transaction credentials are compromised, then fraudsters would not have access to all controls including creating sub users to allow access for approving transactions.

· The Company should allow only one designated machine in the office for conducting Cash Management transactions. This machine should not be allowed to be used to surf the internet, check email, etc.

· The Primary user should use a dedicated machine which should be physically secured and password protected.

· The computer used for Cash Management should be physically secured, behind a physical firewall, and be placed on its own subnet (logical partitioning) if possible.

· Security patches should be applied to the machine and kept up to date.

· Anti-Virus, anti-spyware and anti-malware should be installed on the computer and be maintained up to date.

· Close all other applications and browser windows before initiating Cash Management.

· Do not share any passwords.

· Create strong internal controls.

· Delete inactive or terminated users.

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