Veterans History Project

Onebanc has partnered with the American Red Cross to help with the Library of Congress' Veterans History Project.  The Veterans History Project collects and preserves accounts of American war veterans so that future generations can hear from our veterans on the realities of war.  Onebanc has chosen to help with the project by being a place veterans can come and tell their stories.  We will video tape their account and submit the recording to the Library of Congress through the Red Cross.  Veterans and their families will also be provided with a dvd copy.  We at Onebanc think this is a great way to honor our vets and preserve their history, as well as pass on their experiences to others.  The process is very simple and there are no costs involved at all.  To find out more about the VHP you can visit the Library of Congress' website 

For more details or to set up a time for you or a vet you may know to come in please contact us using the information below.  

John McInnis


LaTina Curry